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Fractalus 0.9 Progress

Sunday, August 19th, 2018


I’ve been working on Fractalus in bits and pieces when I’ve had a chance to since the last build and there are a couple of new things I’ve been working on for 0.9 that I want to show the progress on:

Procedurally Generated Terrain!

The first is procedurally generated terrain which is more reminiscent of the original game’s terrain. A new terrain is generated at each level start so that no two levels are quite the same. The terrain is generated using the Diamond-Square algorithm which I chose as it was created by Loren Carpenter who also made the terrain for the original Rescue on Fractalus, so I figured it was very likely to be the same algorithm used in the original game.

Pilot model! Click on the image to zoom in to see it – to the left of the crosshairs.

The second is the pilot finally has a model! I’ve been experimenting with making the pilot model in Blender for a while and it’s about time for it to be included.

The above images are not final and these features are likely to change a bit before the release of 0.9 as I continue to develop them and other features. I hope to have 0.9 ready some time in the next few months. Follow me on Twitter or my Facebook page for updates!

– Luke