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Fractalus 1.0 Progress…

Thursday, February 20th, 2020


Its been almost a year since the release of 0.9 and when I’ve had time around work and other things, I’ve been working on 1.0.

Progress towards the 1.0 release is now well underway, and many changes have been implemented so far. My main focus in 1.0’s development is on finishing up the gameplay logic and flow, graphics and 3D modelling work (including the alien pilot), and general improvements to bring the remake closer to the original game. I have not yet started work on the alien pilot but I have been working on a model for the mothership, the players ship (the Valkyrie) and an updated model for the cockpit;

Mothership Model

Valkyrie Model

New Cockpit Model

These models are still works in progress (the mothership model’s geometry is largely finished but the texture hasn’t been finalised, and the valkyrie and cockpit models are unfinished and untextured) so the above images are only early previews. The alien model will likely be the last model I create for 1.0 as I am still new to 3D modelling and learning as I go.

The gameplay logic and flow is now much closer to the original gameplay, complete with the starting/ranking level selection screen before entering the cockpit, bonus points calculated and awarded upon return to the mothership, variable mothership availability, etc.;

Starting Screen

There is still a lot of work to be done before 1.0 is ready for release, so I’m currently hoping to be able to release 1.0 some time later this year. Follow me on Twitter or my Facebook page for updates and in the meantime the 0.9 build is still available for download from the Fractalus project page.

– Luke