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Fractalus 0.6.0 Alpha released!

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Fractalus 0.6.0 alpha build is now available for download from the Fractalus project page.

Here’s what’s new in 0.6.0;

  • Terrain is no longer quite so steep
  • HUD redesign (Wing clearance, Enemy lock-on, Dangerous Altitude, More accurate to original HUD)
  • Options have been added (Inverted Y, Dust, High-res terrain, Screen settings)
  • Ship now auto-levels while flying
  • Returning to mothership now aligns your ship correctly before boosting
  • Turrets now use beam weapons instead of bolt weapons
  • Turrets can now lock on to you to get a more accurate shot
  • Turrets no longer attempt to fire through terrain
  • Turrets now only spawn on high points on the terrain
  • Targetting scope/viewscreen now has a constrained FOV like the original
  • Added flying saucers that appear in the distance, chase you and attempt to crash into your ship
  • Camera jitter added, for extra impact with explosions

If you have any thoughts, comments or feedback, head over to the forum and post them!