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Fractalus VR Test Build Download and Instructions

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This is an experimental Windows 64-bit build of Fractalus with support for the Oculus platform and OpenVR (SteamVR/HTC Vive).

This build does not have an installer and must be extracted to a folder. Extract it separately to the main build of Fractalus if you have it installed as this build is VR only.

You must use either the buttons/sticks on your VR controllers or a separate controller to play (a separate controller such as an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller is recommended). Tracking/motion controls are not supported. Some controls may not be mapped to VR controllers (e.g. no button to open the in-game menu) and may require you to use your keyboard for those controls.

The camera motion has not been tuned for VR, and some of the camera motions (e.g. ship auto-levelling) can be disorienting or nauseating.

This build of Fractalus will start with the regular Unity startup dialog on the desktop which you must click "Play!" on. Each time the game starts it will enter a calibration mode to adjust the cockpit seat position so that your view is centered in the cockpit. You can re-run the calibration in game via Options | VR Settings | Calibrate VR.

Known issues:

  • You may find the cockpit seat position to be too close to the instruments. To compensate for this, move your headset forward from your seated position when calibrating.
  • Particle effects (atmospheric dust, explosions, sparks) rotate with your camera.
  • Some light flares (sun, crashed ship beacons) will sometimes not appear.
  • Alternative cockpit modes may not work correctly.
  • UI has not been fully adjusted for VR.

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