Fractalus 1.x: ideas for future updates

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Fractalus 1.x: ideas for future updates

Post by Loafmeister » 2021-Jan-06 02:55


This thread is started so that there is a focal point for providing ideas back to Luke for possible inclusion in a future update. In no way should this thread be deemed as an eventual update path. Only Luke can decide which one are good/bad or realistic to include in his game.

In saying that, I don't think its wrong to suggest just about anything but I think let's try and be fair to Luke with the ideas; they do need to be reasonable and possible to implement from a single dev point of view.

An example of ideas that, off the top of my head, might be interesting but possibly not be feasible or realistic:
- adding 100 player internet multiplayer support
- adding a single player storyline complete with 1 hour of cinematics


With that said, let's get this going! Some of these may have already been suggested previously by myself or others. I am not taking ownership of any ideas, I'm just posting them here for all to read and for Luke to consider.

- Endurance "high score" mode. Basically same game minus the availability of mother ship. Game difficulty is equivalent to level 99 (last level!). Great for high score chasers! To make it interesting, have 3 settings: Day, night and cycle (cycle: which is the normal game with the day/night cycles. 3 different modes = 3 times the fun lol. High score is tracked for: Score and total pilots rescued

- Zen mode: No alien turrets, no pilots to rescue, unlimited fuel. This is just you wanting to just fly around with no pressure.

- + mode: Same game but additional features added:
- Hidden "alien artifacts" to find, motives the player to search around more, adds variety.
- Bases shoot more than just the lasers, also includes photon missiles, etc.
- Aliens have repaired our ships which now can attack us! This is what happens when you don't blow up the ships after rescuing the pilots citizens!
- Downed pilots also have broken visual beacons. Find these for extra points! (this would really motivate us to search every canyon). This could be two tiered: broken visual beacons but with audio cue... and without audio cue (more points of course)
- Later levels: rescue shuttles that contain more than 1 pilot (damn scientists hitched a ride to study the planet). I'm trying to figure out a give/take on this one. There has to be a risk reward here aside from points
- Different color textures depending on location on planet (depending on how you created your fractals, I may not be possible). This is pure aesthetics so really not that big a deal just adds variety, may not even look good.

Well, this is a good place to start. I have other ideas, need to process them more. I'm trying to post ideas that I think might be realistic.

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Re: Fractalus 1.x: ideas for future updates

Post by Lighthope » 2021-Mar-07 03:35

A terrain slider.

0 is a completely flat world.

100 is a world flush with Everest-like mountain peaks.

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Re: Fractalus 1.x: ideas for future updates

Post by Loafmeister » 2021-Mar-30 02:26

I like your suggestion!

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