Fractalus 0.9.0 alpha released!

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Re: Fractalus 0.9.0 alpha released!

Post by Loafmeister » 2019-Mar-25 22:33

Good morning Luke,

Yep, tried it in Vive last night, it works but with some limitations:

- the game itself works the same
- the motion controllers (used in gamepad mode) does not work well however due to the use of a "disc" and a lack of buttons. The disc on the controller is fine for many games but simply does not work well here at all. For this type of game, I wasn't really expecting it to
- the game does work fine using a Microsoft xbox gamepad so no big issue on the point above.

Really outside of the controllers, no issues at all with running the game on the vive. Actually there was one visual difference: on the vive nighttime was REALLY dark, while on the rift i was still able to see a bit more of the landscape (like it's illuminated a bit by the stars it wasn't pitch black). I'll have to try both to confirm, most of my testing is always after midnight, once we get a bit more punchy. LOL

For the cockpit, it could be me too because there's not a lot of space to back up. Like any cockpit, people adjust their seats accordingly. Yes, I too have often peered over the dashboard, it's pretty incredible so thumbs up to both you for experimenting with this and Unity for their support of VR built into their SDK.

After playing it for another hour last night, I think the biggest compliment I can give you is towards your implementation of the fractal landscape. It really feels like a new version of the old game's tech as it somehow still feels like the old game.

I don't know how far you are willing to take this experience. Is the jump from 0.9 to 1.0 just to add the alien pilot, add more missions (is there an end level?) and tweak a few things? Or are you looking at adding new features and making this a pseudo non-official sequel? As weird as it sounds, I sometimes like playing level 1 continuously as it just allows me to fly all over the place and just admire the graphics.

In an alternate reality, some guy named Luke was hired to do a sequel to the classic lucasfilm game. In that game, Luke recreated the classic but then added dogfighting, a basic mission structure such as: support other rescue pilots while you clear the path of turrets and aliens, some to capture downed ALIEN pilots by first shooting them out of the sky, etc. In that alternate reality, Lucasfilm games was brought back from the dead facilitating this.

Hey wait a second...

Lol. All kidding aside, I believe your goal was to recreate the original classic. Talk about being on the right path to success, this last jump to 0.9 really pushed this way past what I expected from a homebrew single person team. Once more, well done Luke!

I'll share the new link you provided, let's see if this gets you more visibility. I'd also love to see more people comment. Your game can only improve by having more people test

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Re: Fractalus 0.9.0 alpha released!

Post by Loafmeister » 2019-Mar-25 23:57

Now posted on the Oculus and Vive subreddit. Hopefully it generates interest that can lead to good testing and feedback to your gem of a remake

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Re: Fractalus 0.9.0 alpha released!

Post by Luke » 2019-Mar-27 21:35

Thanks for testing it on the Vive and great to hear it works, even though the controls don't really work with it. At night the mountains are supposed to be barely visible, so it sounds like the Vive's display is better or more accurate than the Rift's, at least for displaying dark areas :)

The cockpit seating calibration also adjusts forward and backward, so wherever you're sitting no matter how close or far from your sensors (or the Vive equivalent), you'll be "calibrated" to the position I set for the seat, which I think is probably a bit too close.

The plan for 1.0 includes the addition of the alien, but also rounding out the gameplay, improving the graphics and sounds, and an assortment of other updates to bring it closer to the feel of the original. The alien and graphics updates will probably be the bulk of the work for me as I'm still fairly new to 3D modelling.

My aim for 1.0 will be a close replica of the original game. Beyond that, I'm not sure at this stage. In my discussions with David Fox he put forward some interesting ideas for new features that the original didn't have, and I've certainly had some ideas of my own, and several others have sent in their ideas as well.

Interesting coincidence that Disney have decided to revive Lucasfilm Games :) - though I suspect that's probably more to do with developing new Star Wars games than anything else.

Thanks again for testing it out on the Vive, and thanks for the kind words :)

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Re: Fractalus 0.9.0 alpha released!

Post by Loafmeister » 2019-Jun-02 03:49

Hi Luke,

So I bought the Oculus Rift S and wanted to report on the experience which so far, is pretty outstanding. The increase in resolution and added sub-pixels really removes most of the SDE issues I had before. On the flip side, it made my existing Vive persona non grata so I'll be selling it sometime in the future (well, once I can get my hands on The Valve Index, not available in Canada dammit LOL)

Playing it today reminded me of how much fun it is. I was reading one of your messages in this thread that stated you were looking down the side valleys to see if you could spot any pilots. This would be something to consider if you end adding to the original experience: Finding ships that don't have a working visual beacon, therefore can't be spotted on radar, thus providing you with bigger points (highscore chasing would make finding these ships a worthwhile strategy).


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