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by blacksimkin
2012-Nov-19 10:54
Forum: Fractalus
Topic: Fractalus 0.6.0 alpha released
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Re: Fractalus 0.6.0 alpha released

Hi. Downloaded, tested, and lookin good. I must admit that prefered the HUD that you designed more than the one in 0.6, but I really apreciate that you seek to respect the original HUD. I loved the new changes, the game feels smooth on my computer. No problem whatsoever I've a Pentium P6200 2,13GHZ ...
by blacksimkin
2010-Nov-15 00:54
Forum: Fractalus
Topic: Fractalus 0.5.0 alpha released
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Re: Fractalus 0.5.0 alpha released

Greetings: I recall playing this game when I was little, even when the alien scared the crap out of me - my first remembered nightmare -. You are doing a great job, I've expecting for someone to do this remake for ages. A little feedback if it helps you. - I've running this game on a Athlon x2 3800+...