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Fractalus 1.1.0 released!

Posted: 2023-May-12 19:15
by Luke
Fractalus 1.1.0 is now available for download from the Fractalus project page.

See blog post at ... -released/ for more information.

Let me know any thoughts, comments or feedback.


Re: Fractalus 1.1.0 released!

Posted: 2023-May-13 00:02
by Loafmeister
Awesome! Will try on the weekend. Thanks!!

Re: Fractalus 1.1.0 released!

Posted: 2023-May-19 07:56
by Loafmeister
Hi Luke,

Got a quick chance to try it on desktop, so no VR yet. Looks great, haven't directly looked out for all the improvements as of yet but I could tell the pilot's feeble knocking as I waited longer.

One reason why I haven't had much chance was because I couldn't seem to get my multi monitor 3 screen setup working again like I did years ago. The difference is back then I used an ATI/AMD card while now I use an nvidia in this PC (980). Just posting this here in case others come across the same issue: the solution is that you can't just set windows to extend to other screens, you also have to set the physx "span displays with surround" option. Once I did, the necessary resolutions worked fine. Bonus: with the current nvidia 980, full 3 screens at 5760 x 1080 worked fine, super smooth on ultra.

Finally I did make it to level 9 and what do you know? After almost 40 friggin years, I still almost crapped my pants. The new audio works well with the attack. If I have nightmares tonight, I'm blaming you!

For future versions, could be a good idea to add some cracks to the windshield so that subsequent attacks shorten the amount of hits you can take from the alien.

next comments will be after I try the VR version, see how it feels now.

Great job, people need to try the latest version, quite a great deal of spit n polish done here, I guess it's now near feature complete. I do hope you revisit this with some of the suggestions, if only to add a bit more playability and variety and even as is, man it's awesome to revisit the Fractalus world with modern tech. The old game is still a blast to play. thanks!